September 14, 2017

Instagram vs. Snapchat: Snapchat Pulls Ahead with New Bitmoji Update


I want it. I need it. I gotta have it.
This morning, Snapchat released an update enabling users to animate their Bitmoji. That’s right: your Bitmoji can now chill at the watercooler, enjoy a movie and even rock out to your favorite jams.

When you don’t have the Bitmoji update yet. @mgabel18

In my last few posts, I’ve leaned toward Instagram in the battle between the two photo-sharing apps – but with its latest update, Snapchat definitely pulls ahead. Both apps have been playing around with augmented reality for some time now through different filters, attempting to bring you to a new world within our own. Snapchat took social media augmented reality to a whole new level by putting a mini animated you into the mix.
You can access the animated Bitmoji feature by tapping the front facing camera display inside Snapchat, bringing up the carousel where all the face filters are displayed. We’re assuming Snapchat will occasionally update these fancy new animated Bitmoji filters so you can always find one to suit your mood.
Just the other day, the BIGfish team was talking about what it would be like to be an animated Pixar character. Now we know! (Snapchat, are you listening in on our conversations?)
Check out more of the BIGfish team’s animated Bitmojis below!
Unfortunately for me, I’m still waiting for my update.

How will Instagram respond to Snapchat’s latest update? Let us know what you think in the comments or tweet us @BIGfishPR! We can’t wait to find out.


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