Event PR Outreach, GDGT’s First Boston Event


The Client
GDGT is a new type of social platform that connects technology enthusiasts with each other in a tech-friendly, online community through their love they have for gadgets. GDGT was founded by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, two icons in the technology blogosphere who together built Engadget, Gizmodo and a number of other top technology blogs. In association with their online community, GDGT holds traveling, mini, CES-style showcases in major cities throughout the United States. The showcases are comprised of innovative consumer electronics products that attract each city’s major technophiles, technology reporters and consumer electronic brands.
The Challenge
Without prior connections to Boston, GDGT came to BIGfish with the challenge of executing a well-attended GDGT event attracting technology enthusiasts and reporters in the Greater Boston Area. BIGfish took on this challenge by creating a public relationscampaign that simultaneously promoted the event and attracted targeted attendees. The campaign reached out to top-tier blogs, broadcasters, newspapers, magazines, local media outlets, college newspapers, popular Boston calendar postings and local Boston technology influencers.
The Result
The GDGT event was attended by over 100 reporters and 500+ technology enthusiasts. Peter Rojas responded to the outcome by stating, “BIGfish understands the rapidly-changing media landscape in a way that few other agencies do. We were consistently blown away by their ability to deliver. They went way above and beyond what we’d expected.”


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