CES 2018 Expectations and Predictions


As another innovative year comes to a close and a fresh one begins, everyone is excited to see what new tech will emerge… and, of course, to see what will debut at CES! For the techie community, CES is the most wonderful time of the year. Well-known tech giants and emerging startups alike have the opportunity to showcase their new consumer products, with hopes of making a big splash and gaining top press. As the BIGteam prepares to head to Vegas with a number of clients, we’ve gathered some predictions for the top trends at this year’s show!

We now live in a world where self-driving cars are no longer an intangible, futuristic thought. As autonomous cars become a reality, more automakers are getting onboard. Plan to see additional autonomous car models, updated electric cars, and tons of driving demos this year at CES. Here are a few more autotech aspects that might be addressed:

  1. More integration of digital assistants and smart home speakers like Alexa or Google Home into car dashboards.
  2. In-vehicle AI features for a more intelligent user interface.
  3. Potential plans and thoughts for how passengers will spend their time in these new smart cars.
  4. Plans for correcting glitches and bumps in current autonomous car issues, such as usability challenges and fuel efficiency.

According to Engadget, Lyft, the rideshare platform, is even planning to offer autonomous rides at CES!

Smart Home
Smart Home products continue to dominate the consumer technology realm. With devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home running our households, more tech products will integrate with these devices. We’ll also see more traditional home product and appliance companies bring in updated technology to fit into smart home compatibility.
With smart home products come smart speakers. Big players like LG and Google will expand their speakers’ adaptability as digital assistants. They’ll open their systems up to third-party companies to expand the speakers’ capabilities, so the options for users are endless.

Augmented and Virtual Reality
No, Pokemon Go is not making a comeback (we hope). VR headsets, however, are here to stay. Players like Lenovo and Google are likely to make big displays of their new headsets. Augmented Reality is going to be a huge focus on multiple panels this year, even gaining space in its own convention hall. Advancements in combining AR and VR to create a totally new experience of “mixed reality” is surely to make a big splash.

Gone are the days of analog watches; most people you know probably have a FitBit or Apple Watch – and that’s not changing anytime soon. Demand for wearables is growing steadily and companies are considering all different routes for meeting the demand. Wearable companies are rumored to offer smart clothing and new varieties of smart watches.

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