BIGnews in the Tech World: It’s Fall Ya’ll

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It’s spooky month! Or to the few people who live outside of meme culture, it’s October. In between carving pumpkins, sipping on PSLs and other basic (yet fun, so stop knocking them) fall activities, we’ve been keeping a close eye on all the news coming out of the tech world. So go grab your flannel and get ready to find out what stories have been tricking and treating us the past few weeks.

“Let’s Go Apple Picking So I Can Get A Cute Picture For Instagram”
Well in this case Apple is picking you. And by you we mean reporters to cover their October hardware event at the end of the month. Digital Trends reported that the tech giant will be hosting a special event at the end of the month that is expected to be focused on the release of the iPad Pro. You can check out all of the event rumors here.
What To Say When The Barista Spells Your Name Wrong
Okay. Rude. That’s what we are also saying to smart mug company, Ember, who’s new Apple Health integration enables the mug to alert you of your caffeine intake. It works by having the user input their beverage type into the Ember app (to help keep it heated or cooled at the correct temperature) and then theoretically the Apple Health app will sift through this info, then tell you if you’ve exceeded your daily recommended caffeine intake. The software will then explain what adverse impacts you’ll likely experience, in terms of sleep quality and heart rate. That is simply not the kind of negativity we need in our lives.
It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
What is the Great Pumpkin for all the tech CEO’s out there? A ginormous, record-breaking IPO. Two startups that have their eyes on Wall Street next year are ride sharing giants, Lyft and Uber. Both have been tipping their hands towards a potential IPO in 2019 with Uber receiving proposals from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs that say the technology giant could be worth as much as $120 billion in an IPO. Lyft has also officially picked JPMorgan Chase to lead its own IPO Both of these IPOs are going to be major financial events next year and we will be placing bets to see who goes public first.
Is There Any Better Feeling That Stepping On A Crunchy Leaf?
The only thing that comes close is when it’s our BIGclients making the news. Whether it’s Optimus Ride sharing the importance of quality over quantity of miles, killer holiday gift guide placement by Onewheel, iOttie, and Rocketbook, Beaver Country Day School students blowing ours (and reporters) minds with what they can do, or how CyPhy Works is helping the U.S. military, we love it when our clients are the ones making news!
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