April 27, 2018

BIGnews in the Tech World


If April showers bring May flowers, what do April snow storms and freezing temps bring? The winter that seemed to never end is finally beginning to thaw and the BIGteam is dreaming of the day we can soak up the sun at our summer conference room (back deck). As we check our weather app for the next sunny day, the tech world is buzzing with news like a bunch of bees in spring. Since we last checked in, a lot has happened in the tech industry and the BIGteam has been following along closely. So get ready for our recap of all the stories catching our attention right now.

Bet you wish you didn’t delete your myspace now.

TFW your mom calls and asks you how to post a Facebook status for the 8th time.

Tom wouldn’t have sold all your personal information, I can tell you that. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are not having a great month. After it was released that millions of users’ personal data was obtained by Cambridge Analytica and used to manipulate the 2016 election, Zuck has a lot of people wanting answers. Namely Congress. The founder and CEO sat through two days of questions where he explained what the internet was to senators who still need help working their VCRs.

Excuse us while we humble brag

The BIGteam watching our clients live their best lives.

We don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s this company, Ring. We work with them. They’re pretty cool. So cool that Amazon just acquired them and it’s kinda sorta a really BIGdeal. Ring and its CEO and Chief-Inventor, Jamie Siminoff, have been BIGclients for as long as we can remember. From a Shark Tank rejection to an Amazon acquisition, Ring shows what can happen when you truly believe in an idea and have a great team supporting you.

“I saw Snapchat wearing camo pants and flip flops, so I bought camo pants and flip flops” – Instagram

Instagram is at it again. The popular photo sharing app is releasing a new feature that is shockingly similar to competitor, Snapchat. Feel like you’ve heard this story before? You have, here, here and here.  This time Instagram is releasing Nametags, a feature that lets you create a special image that people can scan with the Instagram Stories camera to follow you. Sounds oddly like Snapchat’s QR codes, but whatever; the easier it is to follow people, the easier it is to rake in likes on your latest sunset picture.

The Fast and the Furious: Bike Edition

Electric bikes are the new hot rides, just don’t try to drift on them. The bike sharing trend is exploding overseas, especially in China were startups are making it easy to hop on and pedal to your destination, great for the environment and your glutes. And you better believe that if it has to do with sharing and  transportation, Uber is going to be involved in it. The ride sharing company recently bought an electric bike company called Jump, that allows users to put the pedal to metal or sit back and let the electric motor get you to your destination. The plan behind the acquisition is to take the service global through the Uber app.

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