April 6, 2018

BIGnews in the Tech World


Well folks, it’s finally April which means it’s time again for another BIGnews in the Tech World! It’s been been a busy few weeks, so let’s dive right in!  

Last week, Apple held an educational-focused event at Lane Technical High School in Chicago to unveil its latest products for schools and teachers. While Apple didn’t livestream this event, plenty of media attendees made sure we stayed updated on all the announcements. Here’s what’s new from the tech giant:

  • New iPad – The cheapest iPad yet will be available to schools for $299 and individuals for $329. This iPad is Apple Pencil supported and comes with a faster processor and 9.7 inch Retina display.
  • More cloud storage for schools – Schools will be seeing an increase in cloud storage from 5GB to 200GB. This will leave plenty of space for teachers and students to download new apps including the just introduced Classkit and Schoolwork.
  • “Everyone Can Create” Curriculum – This new curriculum planned by Apple will fully utilize the Apple Pen and new iPad. It will include a multitude of teaching guides that help educators creativity teach subjects like English, math and science.

Google Chrome
The next version of Google Chrome (Chrome 66) has been released and with it comes a feature everyone can enjoy – blocking autoplay videos. Say goodbye to trying to figure out which tab the sound is blasting from the next time you’re online! Videos and ads will now automatically be muted when they begin playing until you interact with them. Our earbuds thank you for this Google.
Autoplay will now only be used when the videos are muted or else it does not play any sound. Videos that automatically play sound will be blocked until you interact with them.

Amazon’s Fire 7 and Fire HD are expecting a new update that will bring Alexa right to the device! The free update gives the latest generations of these tablets Alexa voice control. Previously, only the current Fire HD 10 supported the hands-free Alexa feature, but the update will now empower users with older devices to use voice commands (when your tablet is connected to power or the screen is on and in use). Now you don’t even need an Alexa speaker to begin using this voice-controlled system throughout your home!


One of the largest consumer tech companies to go public, Spotify, joined the stock market on Tuesday. Unlike other companies, Spotify won’t be doing an IPO but instead will let shareholders sell their own shares directly into the stock market. This makes it the biggest company to go public as a ”direct listing.” While its competitor, Pandora, has struggled in the stock market, the company is hopeful this will lead them to more long-term projects and even possibly creating its own original content.

That’s all we have for today. What do you think about this latest tech news? Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on Twitter!

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