#BIGnews from Amazon’s September Event

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On September 25th, press from all over the country gathered in Seattle while Amazon’s Senior VP of Devices and Services, David Limp, announced over 15 new products! At the event, our very own BIGclient, Ring, announced four new products, including their first indoor only camera! We’ve rounded up some highlights here:  

BIGclient, Ring, announced two new cameras, along with Retrofit Alarm Kit and Ring Fetch. See below for information on all of Ring’s new releases!

Ring Indoor Camera

  • This brand new product was made specifically for indoor use and is now available. At Ring’s lowest price yet of $59.99, the camera is affordable, small and comes as a wired plug-in. The camera features HD video, two-way talk and real-time notifications. 

Next-Gen Stick Up Cam

  • The updated Stick Up Cam comes at a 30% lower price than its predecessor. The camera is available in solar-powered, wireless and wired versions. The Stick Up Cam Batteryseamlessly integrates with the Ring app, so you view footage and receive notifications no matter where you are. The new Stick Up Cam is now available for preorder, starting at $99.99.

Retrofit Alarm Kit

  • Designed to work with existing built-in alarm systems, this kit allows you to make use of security devices already installed in your home in conjunction with Ring Alarm, without having to get all new devices. Homeowners can connect their existing legacy home security systems’ wired contact sensors to their Ring Alarm. Now, homeowners can use the sensors they’ve already invested in to make their home security system both smart and more effective.

Ring Fetch 

  • Ring’s first pet wearable, this brand new device clips to your pet’s collar and connects to your mobile device to conveniently monitor your pet’s activity levels and ensure they’re safe at home. If your dog wanders away from home, or outside of a boundary you set, Fetch will let you know. Stay tuned for Fetch’s price and launch date! 

Echo Frames
Echo Frames offer hands-free and wearable access to Alexa. They are currently available to purchase only by invitation, as they are part of Amazon’s new “Day1 Editions” initiative. This initiative allows Amazon to soft release products to a select group of consumers to better know what they want. 
Echo Frames discreetly allow you to use Alexa to place calls, set reminders, get directions and more. The frames are lightweight and customizable with your own prescription lenses. The frames are also water resistant and fully charge within 75 minutes. Starting at $179.99, they are projected to go up in price to $249.99 after the introductory period.

Echo Buds
Amazon’s long awaited Echo Buds have finally arrived. Echo Buds allow you to do much more than listen to music – including giving direc
tions and requesting a rideshare. You can customize the buds’ size, allowing for the perfect fit with any ear. With 5 hours of battery life per charge and Bose noise reduction technology, these earbuds have a reasonable price of $129.99.
Amazon Smart Oven
Amazon’s Smart Oven is a 4-in-1 microwave, convection oven, air-fryer and food warmer powered by Alexa. The oven is equipped with an ‘Ask Alexa Button’ and her voice is played via an Echo Dot. The oven includes a temperature probe feature, which records the temperature of your food so it can be cooked to your exact preferences. Select packaged food products will be available to scan and cook, with special barcodes that tell Alexa exactly how to cook the item. Smart Oven is $249.99 and available for preorder now.

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