June 27, 2012

BIGfish's Fourth of July Vacation Strategy


This year, the Fourth of July lands on a Wednesday. Everyone knows the Fourth is a time to relax, hang out with a few friends, throw a barbecue, and thoroughly enjoy the freedom of our country. Here at BIGfish, the team understands the importance for a team of employees to kick back and relax on a holiday. BIGfish believes keeping a balance of work and leisure is important in order to keep a work environment productive. So since the Fourth lands on a Wednesday this year, it sort of throws the work-week for a loop. Of course, many offices will be closed on the Fourth and hopefully everyone will be at their barbecues with some cool drinks in their hands, but, yet, how exactly will this affect the working environment? How can an office successfully enjoy the Fourth when it falls in the middle of the week? Usually people like to really enjoy their holiday by taking a stroll to the Cape, (at least that’s what we Bostonians like to do), or go out of town for a few days. How can an office be productive this forthcoming week and still enjoy their time off?
The BIGfish team can help. This year BIGfish will be open Monday and Tuesday along with the following Thursday and Friday, and of course that Wednesday the entire office will be closed. To keep the balance between work and leisure for employees, follow this new idea the BIGfish team came up with. Every employee will receive a five-day break. Right, five days, but how? To begin, first break up the employees into two separate groups. These groups will represent who will work on certain days and who will vacation on certain days. One group of employees will have a mini-break starting the Saturday through Wednesday the Fourth. Then the other half of the employees will schedule their mini-break starting on the Fourth and ending on the following Sunday. Through this tactic, each half of the office will enjoy a good chunk of min-vacation time and be able to enjoy the holiday. This not only benefits the employees, but it also benefits the office as well because the office will still be up and running during the week.
Although part of the office will be out, the office will still be open. When the first half of split employees come back after the Fourth, that half will be refreshed and ready to work. Then the second half, who worked Monday and Tuesday, will be excited and motivated to get work done in prep for their mini-vacation starting on the Fourth. This not only keeps everything balanced and ensures the office will have coverage at all points of time, but it also keeps every employee feeling refreshed. Giving more time to relax will motivate the active employees on the business days to do a good job. So sit back and enjoy your long weekend because you deserve it! Hopefully the BIGfish team will see you around at a few barbecues!

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