March 22, 2012

A Short Lesson in Perspective


Creatives are often dubbed, “in a league of their own,” a quirky bunch stereotypically synonymous with, yes, “bad puns,” “stick-men drawings,” and maybe the occasional overflowing ashtray. And sometimes they clash with the analytics team, and the strategy team, but perhaps this San Francisco Egotist post will soften your opinion. Though some will continue to argue that paid media isn’t as influential as owned media, both types of communicators are in the business of storytelling. In the latter case, getting your client’s message out there comes a bit easier, but the process of getting there can be treacherous. Former creative Linds Redding shares why, in what he calls “the scam” of the industry:

Does that change your perception of the industry? If you’re curious for more, check out the full post. And if you’re a creative struggling with the “Overnight Test,” here are his final words of advice:

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