From CNN to Good Morning America: BIGfish PR’s 2022 Strategy Reaches Potential Audience of Over 4 Billion

2022 at BIGfish was a BIG year! As we head into 2023, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on all that we’ve accomplished in 2022. Our team remained focused and delivered outstanding results for our clients in the face of challenges. We want to share some of the lessons learned that we’ll be taking into the new year. So, follow us along as we celebrate the wins of 2022 and look ahead to a brighter and more successful future!

PLAY reached new heights with a feature on Good Morning America, where CEO Birgir Jonsson discussed the innovations PLAY is making to the airline industry as a whole:  “Budget airlines are the reason we are living in the golden age of cheap flights, and it’s not because everybody’s flying budget airlines. Basic economy on [major airlines] is no accident. That is a direct response to the budget airlines.”

When ASUS released its “For Those Who Dare” video featuring the Republic of Gamers ambassadors, BIGfish conducted outreach to secure media coverage. ClutchPoints, a social media-based website, covering the latest basketball news reaching over 5 million unique viewers per month, published a unique video cut on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for a combined reach of over 2.45 million. The end of the video quotes Karl-Anthony Towns discussing “how great ROG is.”

Formlabs teamed up with Hasbro for the Selfie Series, creating customized 3D printed action figures donning users’ faces! The first week of this launch saw 99 articles in business, tech, 3D printing, comic and gaming industries. Formlabs earned major coverage in TechCrunch, CNN Business and engadget. TechCrunch said, “the partnership has evolved from prototyping to end-product manufacturing, enabling fans to create personalized action figures based on classic to current characters seen across popular films, television series and comics.”

Three screen grabs of BIGfish client Formlabs collab with Hasbro featured in Engadget, CNN, and TechCrunch

One of BIGfish’s newest clients, Bevi was celebrated in Fortune for their resilience during the pandemic. As offices across the country shuttered in person offices, Bevi spent that time re-inventing their product, this has allowed them to return to pre-pandemic usage levels in no time. “A remote-work evangelist could argue that Bevi’s survival is a testament to the needlessness of ad hoc brainstorming in the office café or the after-meeting meeting by the vending machine.”

In all, BIGfish’s clients earned well over 1000 pieces of coverage where our clients reached a potential audience of OVER 4.1 billion!

This year’s impressive reach speaks to the diligence and creativity of our team and the strength of the relationships we have built with reporters and media outlets over the years. We are proud of the work we have accomplished for our clients, and we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional results and reach new audiences!

Well… that was our year! We are so grateful to be able to work with such innovative clients and a talented team. We hope this year-in-review has given you a sense of the hard work and dedication that goes into everything we do at BIGfish, and we look forward to delivering even better results for our clients in the coming year. Thank you for following us on this journey, and here’s to 2023!

CES is Back: After 2 Years of COVID Concerns the Tech Show Bounces Back!

CES is back! Last year, CES suffered a COVID disruption, causing empty booths from the biggest competitors in tech like, Amazon, Google, and Panasonic. Meaning this year, all eyes were on the Las Vegas show to see if they would bounce back…and they did! BIGfish has participated in CES since 2006 and every year we are blown away at the amazing talent, innovation, and groundbreaking technology on display. This year was no different, our clients ASUS and Formlabs participated in CES, making major announcements, and we saw some pretty wacky tech like the self-driving stroller and a smart toilet sensor! Join us in sharing the amazing work of our clients and hopefully you will be as amazed as we were at the unveilings during CES 2023. 

Formlabs is starting 2023 off with a splash— launching their new “Automation Ecosystem,” automated accessories that attach to many of their pre-existing 3D printers that will lead to increased productivity, reduced packaging waste, and more affordable costs per part. Formlabs’ exciting innovation was celebrated in Engadget and TechCrunch! Formlabs also continued their Selfie Series collab with Hasbro, printing personalized 3D printed action figures on-site at CES. ASUS shook up CES by announcing THREE new products, winning awards for best in show in BGR and How-To Geek

The best part about attending CES is seeing all of the fascinating developments in tech, from the familiar new TVs from LG to L’Oréal’s new lipstick mobility aid but what stands out to us the most is the wacky tech that sometimes goes unnoticed. For example: WowWee’s new Dog-E equipped with audio and touch sensors, adapts to multiple owner “profiles” to give it a life-like (dog-like?) personality that changes depending on the profile! There was also the Displace TV, a new kind of OLED-TV to compete with the likes of LG and Samsung, but what makes Displace different is that it allows users to mount their TVs using suction cups! And remember how we said there was a smart toilet sensor? There were actually TWO smart toilet sensors from U-Scan and Vivoo! Seems like smart toilets are the future.

Final Thoughts

CES has undergone massive changes, for a tradeshow, in the past 17 years and although CES may not look the same from year-to-year what remains true for the BIGfish team is that everyone who participates demonstrates the best features of tech: creativity and entrepreneurship. From recognizable brands to the newest start-ups, we all worked hard to make the show a success, and we’ll keep pushing in 2023 to see what CES 2024 has in store.