Humanizing Corporate Twitter Accounts: Why Humor Works

It’s much easier to build affection towards brands when they feel human, as opposed to the standard cold tone of a business playing it safe. When companies only use their Twitter for shouting promotions and responding to complaints, they’re squandering the unique interactive potential of social media by treating it the same as 20th century […]

Rolling Stone Controversy

Rolling Stone: A Publication Rooted in Controversy Rolling Stone has covered rock and roll, politics and culture for more than 40 years. Beginning as an underground magazine in 1967, Rolling Stone was immediately controversial due to its coverage of and ties to the hippie counterculture movement during a particularly tumultuous time in the United States. […]

Infographics: The good, the Bad and the Useless

BIGfish infographic

Humans are largely visual learners, and all different types of publications are starting to use infographics and visuals to appeal to these natural tendencies. According to visualization researcher Fernanda Viegas in the 2010 film “Journalism in the Age of Data,” “Half of our brain is hardwired for vision. Vision is the biggest bandwidth that we […]