President David Gerzof Richard Comments on Local Olympian Aly Raisman

President David Gerzof Richard notes that Needham gymnast Aly Raisman’s Olympic debut will likely lead to “oodles of endorsements.” As team captain, Raisman will lead the US women in Tuesday’s team finals. To read the whole article click the photo above or click here.

Bringing Cleantech to Market

Earlier this week, BIGfish President Dave Gerzof Richard spoke at the Clean Tech Open Northeast’s workshop, “The Market and Getting To It: Finding and Targeting Your Niche.” The event was held at the British Consulate’s offices in the Cambridge Innovation Center. Dave spoke to workshop attendees about developing the strategic framework to bring cleantech companies, […]

Richard Watson Featured in the Boston Globe Style

“There’s been more attention to craft. It’s the cycle of design — things go in and out,” said Richard. “But it’s hard to imagine why craft ever went out. It’s in line with the economy today. People want to purchase something that’s good for the Earth, made in America, and well made.”

Forbes Features uSell

Early this morning BIGfish’s client, uSell was featured in an article on Forbes. The article mentions the potential for uSell to have great success in the constantly changing technology world today. To find out more click the link connecting to the photo or click here.

Billion Dollar BIGfish Announcement

The Client: Based in Cambridge, MA, GreatPoint Energy focuses on producing clean, low cost natural gas from a variety of materials such as coal, petroleum coke, and biomass using their bluegas process. Bluegas is one of the most energy efficient and cleanest technologies that’s inexpensive to produce.The goal of GreatPoint Energy is to establish, develop, […]

BIGfish President Discusses the Kayak IPO

President of BIGfish, David Gerzof Richard, was asked to comment for the Boston Herald on the recents news of Kayak’s IPO. Richard commented stating that one major marketing challenge for Kayak’s success is Google along with more insight as well. To read more about the story and the IPO, click the link connecting to the […]

President David Gerzof Richard Weighs in On Kindles Replacing Bibles in Luxury Hotels

BIGfish Communications President, David Gerzof Richard, weighs in on luxury hotel brands replacing Bibles with Kindles. Richard believes, “It’s trendy right now, but the second a new Kindle comes out, someone will open up the drawer and see what they consider to be an outdated piece of technology. A print Bible could have been printed […]