July 20, 2011

Yahoo! Shine Lists Unsubscribe.com as a Top Tool for Clearing Digital Clutter


The sheer volume of email that we are sending and receiving each day is hard to manage. The average person sends out 8 emails per day and receives 31 back. This adds up to more 14,235 emails per year not including SPAM! No wonder we can’t keep track of all of them.
The company Unsubscribe.com estimates that every person on the planet receives at least 4 Bacon emails a day, which adds up to 7300 per year!  If you only delete, they will continue to clog up your account. SPAM filters will not work on these because you agreed to receive them in the first place (even if you did it inadvertently!) If you are using Yahoo mail, there is actually a new Unsubscribe tool that will contact the sender for you and take your name off the mailing list. Or you can forward the email you don’t want to mail@unsubscribe.com or go to Unsubscribe.com and download software that will work with your mail system.

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