November 5, 2014

Tom Menino: Boston’s Mayor Left Behind a Legacy for His Town


On Monday morning, Mayor Menino’s funeral procession made its way through Boston. A quintuple-elected City Hall official, Boston’s mayor, and a citizen of this town, Menino prided himself on enhancing every part of the city he touched. In fact, the Boston Globe accredits him with turning Boston into “a hub of 21st century innovation.” Since BIGfish is located just outside Boston and we frequently work with local technology and innovation clients, we wanted to reflect on Tom Menino’s dedication to innovate Boston while maintaining the “at-home” and small town feel that make Boston a city to love.
One simple word could characterize each of his actions as mayor: change. Menino was constantly innovating not only his policies, but the city of Boston itself. He sought out neighborhoods in strife and spent time rehabilitating, constructing, and motivating its residents to feel hopeful and take action. He raised awareness of the dangers of crime in the city and strived to reduce it. Everything from the shape of the beautiful Boston skyline to Boston’s diverse population can be attributed, in part, to Menino’s administration and vision.

During the best times in Boston, Mayor Menino could be found rejoicing with his people; during the worst, he was grieving with them. Regardless of the situation, whether it was the reveal of a new playground in a run-down neighborhood, recovering after the Boston Marathon bombings, or simply running his campaign during election season, he was able to simultaneously remain a citizen of the city, yet still embody the strong leader we needed. This unique ability probably was the reason he spent 20 years in office, more than any other mayor in Boston’s history.

Menino passed away on October 30, 2014 at the age of 71, after serving over 20 years as Mayor of Boston. He left behind a legacy for all of us here in Boston – whether you are a freshman starting your first year of college here, or a lifetime resident – to continue to innovate and improve Boston. We can all do something to continue the city’s momentum in a positive direction, never forgetting the small-town feel that makes us all feel at home.
Thank you, Mayor Menino, for your time, your dedication, your love, and your service. Rest in peace.

Amanda G. Barillas

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