July 25, 2011

The Wall Street Journal Names Cue Acoustics PS1 Top Hi-Fi Audio Solution


One of the best solutions is the Cue Acoustics PS1, a sleek, powerful pair of speakers that you just plug into a power outlet—no need to connect them to an amp or even run a wire between the two of them. Whether your music resides on a PC, a Mac, an Android device or an iPhone (or any of Apple’s monolithic mobile toys) the PS1 can play it—wirelessly. It uses a streaming technology that you’ve probably never heard of even though it’s built into nearly 12,000 products: DLNA. If you bought a networked A/V component recently, it’s most likely DLNA certified, which means, as with the PS1, you can beam audio to it from a Skifta computer or your mobile phone (and if you’re tech-savvy enough, a network-attached storage device). Some Android devices have music players that support DLNA straight out of the box; if yours doesn’t, just download an app like 2PLayer and you’ll be set. Users of iDevices can download MediaConnect or Twanky from the App Store.

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