September 13, 2018

The Biggest News Announced at Apple’s September Event


Another year, another Apple event. On Wednesday, Apple launched a live broadcast from the Steve Jobs Theater to announce the latest updates from the company for the rest of 2018. Read on to hear more about Apple’s biggest unveils, including the long-awaited Series 4 Apple Watch and the iPhone 10S.       

The new Series 4 Apple Watch will help users stay more connected, live healthier, and exercise more. New technologies and streamline displays make Series 4 the ultimate smartwatch. The most important updates to note are the accelerometer and the optic heart sensor. After conducting thousands of studies, Apple was able to create an accelerometer that recognizes if the user may be injured by a fall and sends out an alert to emergency contacts if the user is unresponsive for more than a minute. The optic heart sensor is also notable for its ability to sensor the user’s health in a never-before-seen way. The sensor has new features capable of alerting the user if their heart rate is too low or has irregular heart rhythms. The watch also includes FDA approved personal ECG feature that can be easily shared with your doctor. These new technologies can capture meaningful data about a person in real time and fundamentally change the way medicine is practiced.

The iPhone XS will introduce the leading smartphone technology to the market. With Apple’s improved face identification technology your data is inaccessible to everyone except you, protecting your personal data better than any model before. The iPhone XS has the most durable glass, new water and dust resistant capabilities, and a dual camera system. All of these technologies were designed specifically for Apple and generate new and unimaginable experiences for customers.

Not only is Apple revolutionizing the products we already know and love, they are making huge efforts to be environmentally conscious. From manufacturing to everyday usage these new products are built to be environmentally friendly. Learn more about Apple’s promise to the environment here.
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