July 10, 2017

The Best Podcasts According to the BIGteam


The members of the BIGfish team are BIG fans of podcasts. We listen to them on our commutes to the office, at the gym or at the beach while enjoying our Summer Fridays (how lucky are we to have these perks?). Today, I went around the office and asked the BIGteam to weigh in on which podcasts are worth giving a listen. Whether you’re looking for a new podcast to start or have never even listened to a podcast before, look no further than here for suggestions on the most binge-worthy ones:

If You Want to Learn Something:

Chelsea: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
“Anything that involves Stephen Dubner is automatically going to be on my top list of podcasts, but my absolute favorite is Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. Guest presenters try to wow Dubner and his panel of expert judges with some little known fact that relates to the topic of that weeks show. I’m always looking for a new fun fact and this podcasts always gives me the best ones. My new life goals is to have the fun fact that wins ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.’”
Anna: Stuff You Should Know
“I’m a big fan of Stuff You Should Know. The hosts, Chuck and Josh, pick some great topics that range anywhere from ‘How Champagne Works’ to ‘How Free Speech Works.’ It’s great for little one off facts about everyday things you may never have thought too much about (i.e. ‘How Swearing Works’ or ‘How Itching Works’). Chuck and Josh do really thorough research, and break it down in a way that’s both easy to understand and thought-provoking. Bonus: the hosts are hilarious — their back and forth banter will have you cracking up no matter where you’re listening.”

If You Want to Be Informed:

Brigid: New York Times’ The Daily with Michael Barbaro
“This is a relatively new podcast that I’ve quickly grown to love. While I enjoy This American Life, TED Radio Hour and How I Built This, The Daily is now part of my morning routine (sorry NPR?). It can be hard to wrap your head around everything that’s going on in U.S. politics right now – and it’s more important than ever to pay attention. The Daily keeps me up to speed and educated on the most important headlines. In about 20 minutes, you get a low-down on the big news of the day with insight from beat reporters at the Times who help break down some of the more complex issues and topics. As someone who works with reporters and journalists, I also appreciate hearing bits and pieces about what goes into a journalist’s day from behind the scenes. For example, Mike Isaac, who covers Uber, recently detailed 72 hours of no sleep, during which he wrote two stories in his car on the side of a road – one story if CEO Travis Kalanick stayed on with the company, the other if he was forced to resign.”

If You Want to Be Entertained:

Jess: This American Life
“It’s no wonder that This American Life is one of the most popular podcasts out there. The hosts pull you in with compelling and emotional stories that are a great distraction from a long, traffic-filled commute. The topics vary anywhere from personal anecdotes to history lessons to fun facts. Each episode truly feels like a slice of American life and is so fresh and different that I never get bored of it.”
Meredith: Bobbycast
“For any music lover (especially a country one), Bobbycast is the podcast for you. Host Bobby Bones interviews singer/songwriters who have written some of the most recognizable hit songs in country music, giving listeners insight into the stories and inspiration behind their favorite songs. Bobbycast also provides great insight into the music industry world and it’s refreshing to hear real conversations as Bobby chats with celebrities in an at-home environment. And shoutout to Bobby for recently being selected as an inductee to the National Radio Hall of Fame!!”
Myself: Serial
“Although I’m not the biggest podcast listener, this blog post would be incomplete without including Serial. If you’re like me and obsessed with any murder-mystery series (à la Law and Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, etc.), Serial is one podcast you won’t be able to stop listening to. From the minds behind This American Life, Serial follows host Sarah Koenig as she tracks through an old murder case from 1999. I won’t give too much away since it’s best to start this podcast knowing nothing, but as she interviews people from the case and picks apart the evidence, you’ll find that nothing is as it seems. I found myself completely engrossed in each episode and actually began looking forward to my car commutes so I could listen to the next one.”

If You Want to Try a Little Bit of Everything:

Science Vs. I love. It’s like Mythbusters, but in a podcast. Real science and scientists take on everything from old-wives tales to hot new trends in an attempt to prove or disprove them. Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal has been an NPR fixture long before podcasts, but it’s still great to get a daily breakdown of all things marketing in your podcast feed. I find Freakonomics Radio fascinating; the podcast looks at cool cultural and behavioral economics, which essentially is the intersection of economics with anthropology, sociology and psychology. Start-Up is a fun podcast for anyone who wants to tap into the trials, tribulations, angst and optimism of entrepreneurs. Lastly, 99% Invisible is a solid podcast that just makes you think. 99% invisible digs into all sorts of things that largely go unnoticed, but shape our world in really important ways.”

If You Don’t Listen to Podcasts:

Meghan AA Good Book | Currently reading Catch-22
“I’m not a huge fan of podcasts. I’m sure there are ones out there that are entertaining and informative (see above), but I’ve always been drawn to a good book. Some of my favorite fiction novels include From Here to EternityWater for Elephants, and Jurassic Park. I also really enjoy reading biographies. One of my favorites is And the Good News Is… by Dana Perino – everyone in the communications field should read her story. If you’re a huge rock & roll fan like myself, you should definitely take the time to read Steven Tyler and Joe Perry’s life stories (Keith Richards’ is next on my list). But I am open to trying out new podcasts in the future!”
Adriana: Spotify Playlist Recommendation: Latin Pop Hits
“The furthest I’ve wandered into the podcast realm is re-installing the Podcasts app after previously deleting it (#blessed for the ability to delete Apple apps, am I right?). If I’m listening to anything throughout the day, it’s Spotify – so while I can’t recommend a thought-provoking podcast, I can suggest a pretty bomb playlist. For me, it’s Latin Pop Hits. Every song has a great beat that pairs perfectly with my morning cold brew caffeine boost, pushing me to power through my to-do lists. And the Spanish lyrics are an added bonus for someone who’s trying to brush up on what she learned in her college language courses.”

Are there any podcasts that you think should have made our list? Let us know by tweeting us @BIGfishPR!

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