May 11, 2015

Thank You To Our Spring Intern, Victoria!

BIGfish Intern

The BIGfish team has been extremely busy this spring. Between organizing Taste of Iceland in Boston, traveling to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and kicking off with several new clients, the past several months have flown by! Fortunately, we had an invaluable resource to help with the abundance of work–our intern Victoria. Throughout her time at BIGfish, Victoria worked hard to assist the account team on an assortment of different projects, including: writing blog posts, website articles, and pitches,  conducting research and building media lists, creating content for Facebook and Twitter, and even working at a client’s event her first week on the job! Now that Victoria’s time at BIGfish has come to an end, we asked her about their experience and her future plans. Read on to get a firsthand look at life as a BIGfish PR intern!
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  • Name: Victoria Cabral de Menezes
  • Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
  • College: Emerson College, Class of 2015
  • Major: Marketing Communications
  • Minors: Management
  • Favorite part of working at BIGfish: Writing articles for Iceland Naturally. Not only did I improve my writing skills but I also learned a lot about a country that is truly beautiful!
  • Most valuable lesson learned while working at BIGfish: The importance of peer-editing.
  • Advice to future BIGfish interns: Make the most of your time here and love what you do because everybody in the office does and it’s amazing to see their dedication!
  • Where you’d like to be in 5 years: Living in Brazil, working at an ad agency and getting a masters degree at a well-known university in São Paulo.

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