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How to Overcome Negative Press

by Anna McGeady

public relations

No matter how committed a company is to keeping a good reputation, it is important to have a plan in place in case negative press should emerge. Whether it is something small and easily manageable, or a crisis that could threaten the survival of your company, here are some steps to take to ensure your company gets back into good standing.  

The History of the Press Release and Why It’s So Important

by Meghan Gabel

public relations

Nothing is more ubiquitous in today’s public relations industry than the press release. The BIGteam has spent countless hours over the past 18 years drafting, revising and approving press releases on behalf of our clients. For such a staple tool in communications, many are still unaware of how the press release became so important. Although it may seem like it was created by a university professor, the history and conception of the first press release is actually quite spontaneous.  


Dealing with Crisis: A Close Look at the NFL

by Adriana Howell

public relations

Domestic violence is an important issue in our society, and one that sadly occurs in many homes across the nation. For the first time, this problem has been brought into the limelight by the NFL, and the organization failed to understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly. After ignoring facts and mishandling the Ray Rice case, several other NFL-related domestic violence incidences have emerged, including the Adrian Peterson child abuse case. Keeping in mind that football is the most followed sport in the United States, this NFL crisis has a huge impact on our society.  

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