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4 PR Practices to Keep in Mind During a Widespread Crisis

by Emily Rosenberg

public relations

On March 11, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), bringing significant changes to the workplace, homes and beyond. With work from home and social distancing policies in place, the new normal can feel uncertain and unpredictable. For PR pros, a global health crisis can also widely impact client operations, outreach, news and PR planning. For some tips on how to adjust strategy, the BIGteam has compiled our best practices for operating during a widespread crisis.   


Dealing with Crisis: A Close Look at the NFL

by Adriana Howell

public relations

Domestic violence is an important issue in our society, and one that sadly occurs in many homes across the nation. For the first time, this problem has been brought into the limelight by the NFL, and the organization failed to understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly. After ignoring facts and mishandling the Ray Rice case, several other NFL-related domestic violence incidences have emerged, including the Adrian Peterson child abuse case. Keeping in mind that football is the most followed sport in the United States, this NFL crisis has a huge impact on our society.  

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