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Optimus Ride, an autonomous vehicle shuttle provider on a mission to drive the future of transportation. The company develops autonomous vehicle technology and mobility services for residential communities, corporate and academic campuses, and mixed-use developments. 

Its convenient, sustainable rides connect people in and around their communities, when and where they need it. Optimus Ride’s team of technology and mobility experts partner with community and transit teams to deliver end-to-end mobility solutions that unlock operational efficiencies and create amazing rider experiences.



BIG FISH PR partnered with Optimus Ride to position the company as a leader in autonomous mobility solutions. Over the course of 3 years, BIG FISH PR garnered national awareness of Optimus Ride’s vision for making autonomous vehicles a reality today. BIG FISH PR also successfully launched Optimus Ride’s deployments across the country, and worked to position Optimus Ride’s founders as thought leaders in the automotive, urban development, mobility and transportation spaces.



BIG FISH PR secured significant coverage in top-tier automotive, technology and national news outlets, generating awareness around Optimus Ride’s deployments, AV solutions and team.

Over the course of 3 years, BIG FISH PR has worked with national and local media to bring awareness to Optimus Ride’s AV solutions and mission. Through this outreach, BIG FISH PR has secured over 1,000 press hits for a total of 2.6B impressions for the company.

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