July 13, 2016

Low-Budget Technology Hacks to Make Your Summer Easier


Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “There has to be a better way to do this”? Chances are, there is a better way – you just don’t know it (yet). When it comes to technology and summer, the two don’t always get along; between heat, water and other elements, there are countless opportunities for something to go wrong. But have no fear, the hacks are here. We’ve put together the top seven tech hacks to make this summer a breeze for you and your gadgets – without breaking the bank.

Put Some Spring In Your Chargers


There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a broken charger when you’re trying to enjoy a long summer trip. When your phone or laptop chargers bend, the wire cables inside begin to wear down and tear. Make your chargers last for the entire summer (and beyond!) with something as simple as an old pen. Take out the spring from the pen and wrap it around the cord, keeping it closest to the connector (this is where chargers typically bend the most). Now, your charger will be more durable than ever!

Turn Your Phone Into A Speaker
This hack can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you need a louder alarm in the morning or don’t want to spend big bucks on a Bluetooth speaker for the beach, we have a solution for you: just put your phone inside a cup, speaker-side down. The glass will amplify the music coming from your phone and makes the perfect speaker for pumping up your barbecue, pool party, or beach day!
Listen Up
The arrival of summer brings the opportunity to take your workout outside. But everyone knows the struggle of going for a run and having your earbuds fall out of your ears every ten strides. Keep your earbuds where they’re supposed to be by simply wrapping a twist tie around them and creating a hook for your ears. Now you could run a marathon (or not) without your earbuds popping out.
Make the Most of Your Battery
Ever notice your phone dies faster when it’s in the sun? When tech devices are exposed to heat, the battery often drains faster. Whether you are driving to the beach or on a road trip this summer, conserve your phone’s battery by taking screenshots of directions and then turning off your location services. Now your phone will stay powered throughout the day so you can take plenty of pictures (or selfies – we’re not here to judge).
That’s a Wrap
There’s nothing more aggravating than reaching into your bag and pulling out a knot of headphones that takes ten minutes to untangle. The more headphones get tangled, the more likely they are to break. Extend your headphones’ lifespan and minimize time spent untangling with this low-budget hack. Make a few cuts in an old credit card, gift card or playing card, to keep headphones wrapped and secured. This also works for chargers and is perfect for summer traveling.
A Secret Compartment for Your Valuables
If you’re hitting the beach this summer, keep all your valuables and gadgets secure and protected with this sneaky trick. Empty (and wash) a sunscreen bottle and use it to discreetly store your phone, money, keys and other tech gear for safe keeping. This will keep them protected from the sun and out of sight so they’re less likely to be stolen. Just make sure to bring another actual bottle of sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned!
“Coffee-ed” Down
This hack isn’t tech-related but it’s still one of our favorites for summer. There’s nothing like a cold iced coffee on a hot day, but no one wants to sip on watered down coffee after the ice cubes melt. Instead, pour coffee into an ice cube tray to make sure your iced coffee is cold and strong enough to get you through the day.
Congrats! You are now a hacking genius. Now get out there and start hacking!

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