August 12, 2023



With over 6,000 press members attending each year, CES is a golden opportunity to showcase your brand and products. BIG FISH PR has represented clients at every CES since 2006 and we understand the significance of this event for the brands we work with. This is why we start CES preparations in September, well in advance of the show. In anticipation of CES 2024, we’ve pulled together a timeline of what CES PR planning typically looks like.

September is the perfect time to engage with a PR partner like BIG FISH. We work closely with brands to develop a winning strategy that highlights their company news and new product launches at CES. Our team will meticulously organize every aspect, from tracking deadlines for awards to preparing materials for press shows. We work hard to ensure we leave no stone unturned.

As October rolls in, our focus intensifies. The BIG FISH team creates a comprehensive strategy aligned with our client’s announcement goals. From drafting talking points to crafting press kits, we ensure clients are equipped with everything they need. We also start soft-sounding key journalists to get on their radar.

From November to December, time becomes precious. Our overarching strategy is solidified, and we register clients for off-show-floor press events and continue to refine messaging and media lists. By late November or early December, we finalize any press announcements and start targeted embargoed outreach. We reach out to pre-registered press lists, arranging briefings and interviews for maximum impact when the announcements go live and products are unveiled.

Come January, CES arrives, and the culmination of months of preparation takes center stage. We work tirelessly to finalize stories, confirm press meetings, and provide clients with a detailed action plan for the event. But our PR efforts don’t end there. Building relationships with the press post-CES is crucial. The BIG FISH team is skilled at managing new and existing media connections, transforming your initial announcement into news, reviews, and features.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a splash in the consumer electronics world. Find the right PR agency to help amplify your announcement. At BIG FISH, we’re always searching for innovative and disruptive brands looking to make a BIG impact at CES. Drop us a line if you’d like to chat! 

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