August 8, 2023

When’s The Right Time To Start Doing Holiday Gift Guide Outreach?


‘Tis the season to think ahead! While most consumers wait until later in the year to think about holiday shopping, the BIG FISH team is already hard at work with our holiday gift guide preparations. And it’s not because we think we’re the best gift-givers (even though we always have a great time at our holiday gift exchange!), but because we know what it takes to earn a spot in a holiday gift guide. So, we’re breaking down holiday gift guides, and the steps we take to earn our clients a spot on these coveted lists.

Here is what you need to know: as early as August, editorial directors at print and online outlets start curating their holiday gift guides, carefully selecting which products to feature and share with their readers. That’s why the BIG FISH team is fully immersed in our planning, collaborating closely with our clients to come up with winning strategies to maximize exposure and generate buzz. 

How do we do it? By conducting comprehensive research on clients’ competitors and the industry landscape, helping us position our clients’ products for success. We make sure our clients’ products receive the attention of the right people, by coordinating relevant pitches to send our media contacts. 

But what makes a holiday gift guide placement so valuable? For B2C brands, it’s the best time to take advantage of increased consumer spending during the holiday season. Securing a spot in a trusted outlet for our clients’ product generates brand awareness and the product gains a stamp of approval from a reputable source. 

Engaging with a PR agency at the right time is crucial to ensure your products receive optimal coverage during the holidays. The BIG FISH team has mastered the ins and outs of holiday gift guide planning. We’re here to share our expertise and guide you towards making the most of this time. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or seeking advice on how to successfully navigate the holidays, our team is here to help you reel in results.

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