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Case Study: CES 2018

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is one of the most prolific tech trade shows in the world.

Attending every CES since 2006, the BIGfish team knows how to expertly prepare for a successful CES. From maneuvering the show floor and press events to ensuring maximum coverage that lasts long after the trade show ends, BIGfish knows the steps to take long before our clients arrive in Las Vegas.

CES 2018 was one of the most successful shows in BIGfish history. BIGfish had seven clients attend CES 2018 who needed a PR partner to help manage press events, secure announcement coverage and create lasting relationships with the media.

The strategy: Conduct aggressive embargoed media outreach to long-lead, national print and online outlets to secure press coverage for:

Ring’s launch of two new indoor/outdoor security cameras
and a line of smart, connected outdoor lights.

Ekin’s United States launch

iOttie’s iON WirelessTM series announcement

Vayyar’s latest wave of sensors for the connected home announcement

Petnet’s SmartShop announcement

General awareness of Nightingale and Rocketbook’s product line

Arrange top-tier press meetings at Pepcom, ShowStoppers and the show floor to give reporters an opportunity to interview clients and interact with the new products directly. Create lasting relationships with reporters to ensure positive future coverage and reviews.

Product Announcements

Press Events & Booth Meetings

Best of
Round Ups


After months of extensive preparation, BIGfish secured a combined 326 press hits for Ring, Ekin, iOttie, Vayyar, Rocketbook, Nightingale and Petnet during the 5 days the companies were at CES for a potential reach of 1.39 billion. Here are a few of our favorite press hits that came out of CES week:


press events

total press hits

billion total impressions

Vayyar’s take on the smart home camera is also meant to increase your privacy as it works without ever capturing any actual images of your home or family. If it works as promised, Vayyar’s sensors will add an interesting twist to smart home security.


Andrew Gebhart , CNET, Vayyar watches over your smart home without using a camera

True to its name, Ring is now providing homeowners with 360 degrees of security solutions. At CES 2018, the smart home company introduced smart lights, as well as indoor and outdoor cameras, to its so-called Ring of Security. The company also announced that its professionally monitored home security system, Ring Alarm, will begin shipping this spring. Together with the Ring Neighborhoods network, Ring helps protect not only your home, but the homes in your area as well.


Lulu Chang, Digital Trends, Ring aims to make your home safe and secure with a new camera and smart lights

Consumers are not the only ones looking for the most innovative technology – the police are also on the lookout for novelties. That’s why you could soon start seeing the new (and possibly first) patrol bike on the streets of Florida and California.The mobile security company Ekin, on the occasion of CES 2018 , unveiled Bike Patrol, an intelligent bicycle designed for police departments with mounted patrol cars in order to recognize license plates, detect the speed of vehicles and various infractions in the streets.


Claudia Cruz, CNET, Watch out! The bike Bike Patrol has a surveillance camera for the police

Rocketbook can solve the problem of too many papers to shuffle through. Combine reusable paper with a smart organizing app, and you have a clutter free, organized experience.


Jon Walters, MacSources, Rocketbook Interview Showstoppers: Who knew that you could making paper smart?

Along with the upgraded SmartFeeder 2.0, Petnet is also launching SmartShop, an online marketplace that uses AI in order to help guide pet owners toward the healthiest food options for their pets. The site asks for the pet’s age, weight, activity level, allergies, breed, and more, then delivers food recommendations that both match the parameters and fall within the owner’s budget. Each brand comes with a Petnet FoodScore and the site breaks down details on ingredients and macronutrient information.


Dani Deahl, The Verge, Petnet’s new SmartFeeder 2.0 comes with a refined design and Google Assistant support

…the default design for most chargers is still just a single USB-A port. It just doesn’t make sense. That’s where iOttie’s newest chargers are hoping to change things. The company has a few new wireless charging gadgets coming this spring, some of which also feature the ability to charge multiple devices at once.


David Carnoy, CNET, iOttie's new chargers are designed for a multi-device world

BIGfish secured significant CES coverage in top-tier technology and national news outlets, generating consumer awareness around our clients’ latest and greatest products.

CES is a great opportunity for companies to make a splash on the consumer electronic scene. Finding the right PR partner to help you make that announcement can turn a splash into a wave of lasting press hits. We’re always looking for new and innovative companies to add to our roster of game-changing clients – if you are interested in hearing more about our CES offerings, contact us or click here to have a team member contact you with more information!