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Case Study: CES 2019

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is one of the most prolific tech trade shows in the world.

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is one of the most prolific tech trade shows in the world. Attending every CES since 2006, the BIGfish team knows how to expertly prepare for a successful CES. From maneuvering the show floor and press events to ensuring maximum coverage that lasts long after the trade show ends, BIGfish knows the steps to take long before our clients arrive in Las Vegas.

CES 2019 was one of the most successful shows in BIGfish history. BIGfish had 5 clients attend CES 2019 who needed a PR partner to help manage press events, secure announcement coverage and create lasting relationships with the media.

The strategy: Conduct aggressive embargoed media outreach to long-lead, national print and online outlets to secure press coverage for:

CES 2019: Ring Reimagines Home Security (Again), Launches Door View Cam, A New Video Doorbell Designed to Make Your Door Viewer Smart

CES 2019: Introducing Ring Smart Lighting

CES 2019: Ring Alarm Expands Functionality With New Sensors, Smart Locks and Voice Control

CES 2019: iOttie unveils smartphone car mount with built-in Amazon Alexa

CES 2019: Walabot HOME Announces Technological Leap in Connected Living for Seniors Who Want to Age in Place

Moen Introduces Flo by Moen, a First-of-Its-Kind Water Supply Control System at CES 2019

General awareness of Onewheel’s product line.

Schedule top-tier press meetings at the Pepcom press show and the tradeshow floor to give reporters an opportunity to interview clients and interact with the new products directly. Create lasting relationships with reporters to ensure positive future coverage and reviews.

Product Announcements

Press Events & Booth Meetings

Best of
Round Ups


After months of extensive preparation, BIGfish secured a combined 670 press hits for Ring, Flo Technologies, iOttie, Onewheel and Vayyar during the 5 days the companies were at CES for a potential reach of 3.5 billion. Here are a few of our favorite press hits that came out of CES week:


press events

total press hits

billion total impressions

Ring, the security company acquired by Amazon for a billion-plus dollars last year, is having a dang solid CES. It’s easy to slip up a bit and lose momentum after an acquisition, as you get used to the new bosses, structure and logistics. But less than a year after being bought, Ring is coming out swinging with over half a dozen new products all meant to complement its existing lineup.


Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch, Ring is making a peephole camera and a bunch of new outdoor smart lights

The new Flo by Moen detector looks a lot like the original Flo, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as the original Flo was a competent but expensive monitor that could come in very handy if a leak strikes.


Andrew Gebhart, CNET, Moen levels up its Alexa integration and adds Google and Siri at CES 2019

You want to be there for your loved ones — including those who are up there in age — no matter what, so you can help prevent the worst from happening. For times when you can’t be there, however, Walabot Home can serve as your eyes. This smart home device that senses if a person has fallen in their home and then calls for help has recently received expanded capabilities to monitor the well-being of older people.


AJ Dellinger, Digital Trends, Walabot Home, a device aimed at keeping seniors safe, expands its capabilities

Some of the most interesting new tech for getting around is in the last mile. While electric ride-sharing scooters are getting the most attention in cities across the country, there are also offbeat options like Onewheel, an electric skateboard with one durable go-kart racing tire spinning in its center.


Rob Marvin, PCMag, How to Glide on a Onewheel Electric Board (No Coordination Needed)

iOttie’s car mounts for phones are considered by many, including the ever-reliable Wirecutter, to be some of the best around. But you know what would make them even better? Mechanized robotic arms that reach out and grab your phone for you, securely holding it within their cold metal embrace while you drive. Or at least, that’s the theory behind the company’s latest Auto Sense Wireless Fast Charging Car Mount, which was announced this year at CES 2019.


Chaim Gartenberg, The Verge, iOttie’s new motorized car mount will clutch your phone in its robotic embrace

Ring, a name now synonymous with video doorbells, is making a product to help folks who already have peepholes in their doors. The Ring Door View Cam is a smaller piece of kit that can sit over your door’s existing viewer / spy hole. Sandwiched between the button and the camera lens is a piece of glass that’ll let you peer through the hole at your visitors, old-school style.


Dan Cooper, Engadget, Ring’s newest doorbell sits over your door’s peephole

BIGfish secured significant CES coverage in top-tier technology and national news outlets, generating consumer awareness around our clients’ latest and greatest products. See how BIGfish continues to drive PR results for our clients throughout the year here.

We’re always looking for new and innovative companies to add to our roster of game-changing clients – if you are interested in hearing more about our CES offerings, contact us or click here to have a team member contact you with more information!