October 5, 2018

BIGnews in the Tech World


As the world keeps spinning, the news keeps coming. Here are some of the more interesting stories that caught our eyes these past few weeks!

This just in from outer space: the Mars Rover Curiosity is “switching brains so it can fix itself,” TechCrunch recently reported. The craft was sent into space with two identical computing systems – Side-A and Side-B. In February 2013, Side-A malfunctioned and completely shut down. After that, Side-B stepped up to the plate and has been running for the past five years without issue. Since last month, however, Side-B has been having a hard time recording mission data. Now, the plan is to operate on Side-A so that Side-A can then fix Side-B. How that will all work, we’re not entirely sure, but somewhere up in space, a robot is operating on itself and we’ll never be the same.
Priyanka Chopra is the latest A-list celebrity to invest in a tech company. Chopra recently announced her investment in Bumble, the social media dating app founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd. Chopra is looking to help promote Bumble’s launch in India in the coming months. Other celebs who have invested in tech include Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyra Banks and  Beyoncé. Just when you thought tech couldn’t get anymore glamourous.
It seems every car company out there is rushing to create autonomous vehicles. And now, Honda is putting $2.75 Billion into GM’s self-driving venture. In an already competitive industry with billions of dollars being poured into the technology, there’s no telling if this deal will catapult the companies into first place. There are a number of other companies who are arguably ahead of these giants, like BIGclient Optimus Ride who has a commercial pilot in a smart city community just outside Boston. A lot of these companies occupy different spaces within the AV industry, such as autonomous trucking, shuttle services or ride shares. Just think, the days of making small talk with your Uber driver may soon be over.
In the latest jarring tech news, Instagram might let Facebook spy on your location. You may recall that Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Apparently, Facebook is now testing a new location sharing feature that would allow it to access your Instagram location data to use as it pleases (most likely to serve you location-based ads) – even when you’re not using the app. You could always turn off Instagram’s access to your location data, but then you’d miss out on tagging your location. However, that seems a small price to pay to save yourself from Zuckie’s prying eyes.
What were some of your favorite tech stories these past few weeks? Let us know in the comments below!

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