David Richard

David Gerzof Richard is CEO of BIG FISH PR. In his role as CEO, David shoulders the multifaceted responsibilities crucial to the success and reputation of the agency. He sets the strategic direction of the firm, ensuring alignment with client needs, industry trends, and the firm’s overarching mission and vision. he works to cultivate a culture of excellence, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment that empowers the BIG FISH team to deliver outstanding results. Additionally, he is the steward of the firm’s reputation, maintaining ethical standards, transparency, and integrity in all interactions. Beyond day-to-day operations, David takes a forward-thinking approach, navigating market shifts, exploring growth opportunities, and driving innovation to keep the firm competitive in a dynamic industry landscape.

Outside of BIG FISH, David is a PR professor at Emerson College, where he develops programs that connect the College’s Communication Studies Department with brands and innovators across various industries. He regularly experiments with a variety of communication strategies, mediums, tools, and technologies as they relate to brands, campaigns, and society. David teaches courses in public relations, political communication, speech writing, thought leadership, and global communications. Under David’s supervision, his “real-world” coursework has seen the development and execution of student-run PR campaigns for innovative brands including RunKeeper, TaskRabbit, FC Barcelona, Mattel’s Barbie, Amazon and over a dozen companies that made appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank. In 2007, David established the social media marketing course at Emerson College, a first-of-its-kind class, which was profiled in the Wall Street Journal. His courses are known to have drop-in lecturers who include the likes of: Chad OchoCinco, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman. David also serves as the Professional Advisor for Emerson College’s PRSSA chapter.

David is also the Honorary Consul to Iceland in Boston, where he serves as a liaison between the Icelandic government and Greater Boston, promoting economic opportunities, facilitating consular services, and strengthening ties between Iceland and Boston.

In addition to his role as CEO at BIG FISH PR. PR professor and Honorary Consul to Iceland, he is a limited partner at GreatPoint Ventures, a lecturer at Harvard University, a mentor at TechStars, and an advisory board member at the Nantucket Conference. Prior to founding BIG FISH PR, David started two other companies both of which saw successful exits.

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