November 16, 2022

BIG FISH PR Coverage

BIGfish Mid-November Coverage Header with brown/ orange leaves

We are halfway through November and it is time we highlight some of the amazing work the BIGfish team has been able to accomplish so far! The BIGfish team has already got some major work done and we can’t wait to see what the end of the month (and soon end of the year) brings.

Screenshot of BIGfish client Bevi in Fortune Magazine

The pandemic killed watercooler moments. Apple, Netflix, and Uber’s watercooler company came back stronger than ever

BIGfish Client Bevi received amazing coverage in Fortune Magazine, in an article that discusses the success of Bevi over the pandemic and into the everchanging hybrid work world!

“Bevi—with its ever-changing menu of flavors and a touchpad screen that allowed workers to control the fizziness of their drink—arrived in time to make hydration greener and, well, techier.”

Read the full article on Fortune’s site.

BIGfish client PLAY in USA TODAY

I flew to Europe and back and barely waited in lines. The key? Smaller airports.

BIGfish Client, PLAY was discussed in a USA TODAY article discussing the benefits of airlines that service flights out of smaller airports.

“Over the summer, plenty of ink was spilled (including by me) about long lines at Europe’s big airports, and while I didn’t spend hours inching through the terminal on any part of my recent travels, the secondary airports that Play served definitely provided for a more seamless journey.”

Read the full article on USA TODAY’s site.

BIGfish client Formlabs in Medical Design and Outsourcing

Affordable 3D-printed medical devices reach commercialization

BIGfish Client Formlabs was featured in an article on Medical Design and Outsourcing, highlighting how Formlabs’ 3D printers are used in reducing the cost and hassle of small medical devices.

“3D printer accessibility and affordability are enabling small device firms to develop and market a wave of personalized devices.”

Read the full article on Medical Design and Outsourcing’s site.

BIGfish client Blink in ZDNET

Here’s how to keep your home secure when you travel

BIGfish Client Blink, was highlighted in an article on ZDNET covering the best products to keep your household safe while you are away.

“Home security cameras, such as…Blink…contain motion sensors that trigger an alert on your phone when movement is detected, allowing you to check in and make sure everything is alright at home.”

Read the full article on ZDNET’s site.

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