March 31, 2022

Best of Both Worlds: Our New Hybrid Work Model


This month, BIGfish launched our new hybrid work model, enabling team members to engage in both in-person and remote work during certain days of the week. With the help of Slack, Google Workspace and other collaborative tools, our team can work together seamlessly from anywhere in the world or in our stunning Boston office on Newbury Street. This new model enables teamwork and the formation of interpersonal connections on a regular basis, while also prioritizing each employee’s unique lifestyles and responsibilities at home. 

Our hybrid model consists of three types of remote work days: company-wide, safety and personal. On our company-wide remote days, Mondays and Fridays, all employees work remotely. Safety days are announced in response to unexpected events that pose a hazard to employees, such as severe weather. Personal days are scheduled in advance and determined individually to best accommodate the needs of each team member. 

In order to break location barriers on a nationwide scale and to ensure BIGfish retains top talent, employees may also opt to work fully remotely if they live outside of the Boston area. Remote team members still have the opportunity to meet and connect with the team in-person at our office any time or during company-wide get togethers, which take place regularly throughout the year.

Hybrid work has shown us that creativity and innovative thinking go far beyond our office walls. Studies show that employees can be happier and work harder when provided with a remote option if that is a work style that suits them. BIGfish understands that each employee is an individual with a unique work style. We want to harness the productivity outside of the office in conjunction with the team work that can be achieved in-person to create the most accommodating and effective work environment possible.

It is clear to us that hybrid work is here to stay. Accommodating the balance that works best for each individual team member enables them to show up as their best selves, collaborate more effectively, and drive their productivity and creativity. This creates better outcomes for our clients, which is what our mission in public relations is all about.

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