4 Bold Social Media Moves Made By Big Organizations

When 93% of marketers use social media for business, it can take a bold move to stand out. Whether those bold moves are attempts to humanize their brand, generate buzz or connect with an audience, some companies do bold better. Continue reading “4 Bold Social Media Moves Made By Big Organizations”

Wearables=Shareables: The Potential Impact of Wearable Tech on Social Sharing

Question: what do Instagram images of breakfast, your friend’s Runkeeper jogging stats on Facebook and cat videos on YouTube have in common? Answer: they’re all about people sharing elements of their lives for others to see. Whether it’s for bragging rights, genuine goodwill or just because it makes us feel good, we want everyone to know what we’re up to (even when it’s sometimes better if they didn’t). Over the past few years, it’s become easier for us to share, thanks to the rise of social media and, more recently, the ability to access social networks through smartphones and other mobile devices. However, something new is on the horizon of communications technology: wearables. Wearable tech not only knows what we are doing, but can broadcast it to the world with minimal effort on our part. Devices like Android and Apple smartwatches, and the king of them all, Google Glass, are taking charge in a new era of sharing. Continue reading “Wearables=Shareables: The Potential Impact of Wearable Tech on Social Sharing”

Meet Our New Team Member: Bristol Whitcher

This week, we are very excited to welcome a new team member to BIGfish! Bristol is our new Account Coordinator and will be supporting the account management team by planning and executing public relations and social media campaigns and more. We had her answer a few questions about herself and her aspirations – read on to find out what she had to say! Continue reading “Meet Our New Team Member: Bristol Whitcher”

#WorldCup: #LuisSuarez, #Biting and #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave

The World Cup has already seen a record number of viewers this year – up 44% from 2010 – and where there’s a big TV audience, witty tweets can’t be far behind. As of July 1, there were more than 300 million tweets related to the World Cup. Twitter even set up a unique #WorldCup page that features a scoreboard, a list of verified team and related accounts, and of course, a compilation of #WorldCup tweets, photos and videos. With these kinds of numbers, it’s a no-brainer for brands to get in on the conversation – and a few unexpected events set the stage for some interesting real-time tweets. Continue reading “#WorldCup: #LuisSuarez, #Biting and #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave”