The Rise and Fall of SMS Texting

You may find this hard to believe, but SMS texting is on the decline. SMS texts are sent through your cell phone provider; not to be confused with instant messaging apps like iMessage. Why do I make this distinction? The annual technology predictions report by Deloitte predicts that, “in 2014 Instant Messaging (IM) services on […]

Are you reading this on your phone?

Reading on Phone

It seemed like everyone was (and still is) talking about our short attention spans and how people only want to read short, concise stories and tweets online. However, a recent article in The Atlantic uncovers some evidence that disproves this theory. If the “short attention span” rumors were true, then why did “Why I Bought […]

#CES2014 in Review

Since the modern VCR was introduced at the International Consumer Electronics Show in 1970, CES has become the place for companies to debut their most innovative technologies – and 2014 was no exception. With more than 3,200 exhibitors claiming to have the best, newest, biggest and brightest products, it can be difficult to single out […]

The Show Must Go On: BIGfish Grounded in Boston for CES 2014

For the first time in eight years, BIGfish doesn’t have a team member on the ground at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As advanced and incredible as technology is today, mother nature still rules. After a Nor’easter hit New England hard late last week, a “polar vortex” swept the nation, leaving runways […]