Corporate Communications

Today’s corporations increasingly face demands to communicate consistently with key stakeholders including, employees, investors, customers, partners, policymakers, and the media. BIGfish provides internal and external corporate communications services, including crisis management, community engagement, and employee communication. For over 20 years, BIGfish has counseled business leaders in the development, preparation, and delivery of key messages to stakeholders, ensuring organizations are aligned with corporate goals and visions.

Brand Positioning

Standing out in an industry, being remarkable within a crowded marketplace, and being perceived as outstanding relative to competitors is not easy. At BIGfish we work with brands to effectively develop distinct, value-based brand positioning and craft strategic communication programs that reinforce our clients’ brand position with target audiences and key stakeholders. Our clients build and manage great brands; BIGfish looks out for them. We keep a vigilant eye on how our clients’ brands are perceived in relation to changes in industries, media coverage, competition, attitudes, and behaviors. When necessary, we help brands reposition themselves in order to recapture their unique positions within the minds of target audiences.

Corporate Narratives and Storytelling

Companies with clear, concise, and memorable corporate narratives tend to see greater success launching and driving adoption of new products and services; oftentimes, they can also command premium pricing for those products and services. Strong corporate narratives tell a story of our clients’ brands and what they stand for, help position our clients as industry leaders, and increase their employee engagement. Whether BIGfish is crafting a fresh corporate narrative for a startup or redeveloping an existing narrative for an established brand, we apply our storytelling skills and writing techniques to bring our clients’ corporate stories to life. As champions of big ideas, we make our clients’ brands the hero of their stories.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Purpose

A well-thought-out and executed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is an opportunity for our clients to demonstrate their good corporate citizenship. Be it human rights, social impact, sustainability, or community improvement, BIGfish assists our clients to effectively develop CSR programs that align with their corporate purpose AND the values of their consumer and employee stakeholders. When stakeholders perceive a brand as having a vision and the willingness to do well and do good, everyone wins; consumers start to trust the brand, employee retention goes up, recruitment becomes easier, and the brand becomes more resilient to crisis situations. At BIGfish, we love working alongside brands that have an aim, desire, and willingness to create a positive impact on the environment and society.

Employee Communication & Engagement

Most brands are so busy interacting with customers, partners, investors, and even new hires, that oftentimes they fall short communicating with their employees. Strong and effective employee engagement is a proven driver of business productivity and profitability and is especially necessary when it comes to big changes in corporate structure, management, location, or staffing. BIGfish collaborates with our clients to create and implement employee communication programs designed to reach corporate goals, gain support, and build trust with employees. We help our clients break through distractions, cross digital divides, and bridge dispersed teams with effective communication strategies that have the power to inform and inspire, retain talent, and even increase performance and productivity.

Executive & C-Suite Visibility

Brands, corporations, and institutions with a strong executive and C-Suite visibility strategy - one that showcases executives’ authenticity, knowledge, and expertise - attract and retain more top talent, see an increase in product demand, and experience greater brand awareness and loyalty. Over the years, the BIGfish PR team has worked with numerous CEOs and executives from across a wide range of industries, helping them grow their presence and exposure as industry and thought leaders and trend-makers. We develop strategies to place C-suite executives in both trade and mainstream news outlets through op-eds, bylined articles, and establish them as a regular, go-to source for stats, facts, and insights that spotlight subject matter expertise and industry leadership.

IPO Communications

Companies preparing to file for an initial public offering, an IPO, have a lot of communication hurdles to navigate and will find their external communication highly constrained if the right strategy and preparations are not put in place well in advance of filing an S-1. From the point in time an IPO is filed, all the way through the post-IPO quiet period, companies are barred from disclosing information beyond what has been previously established as customary and normal. BIGfish PR develops and executes programs for our clients that establish a high baseline of communication activities well in advance of an S-1 to elevate precedents for customary and normal communication. We use this time of increased communication frequency to tell unique stories that convey specific value propositions, demonstrate the company’s ability to deliver strong results, instill confidence, minimize risk, and help clients stay compliant throughout the entire IPO process.

Reputation and Crisis Management

It takes years to build a brand; in an instant, a single crisis can tear it down. For over 20 years, BIGfish has helped CEOs and brands navigate crisis situations. BIGfish counsels brands and executive teams to identify potential crises, prepare crisis response plans, and run crisis readiness programs. When a crisis does strike, companies trust BIGfish to rapidly and accurately manage the crisis response. We regularly coordinate our activities with legal counsel, public policy, and internal comms teams to assess and manage both potential and real risks.

White Papers and Case Studies

Case studies and white papers are two very powerful and convincing corporate communication tools. BIGfish utilizes both case studies and white papers as mediums for corporate storytelling but in very different ways. We use case studies to tell the story of a real-life customer problem, a solution, and the positive outcomes of that solution. BIGfish utilizes white papers to help clients’ audiences understand big industry issues and offer up a better solution to the problem through the organized presentation of technical information, data, and diagrams to communicate the big picture.

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