Protecting Your Personal Information in the Digital Age

Remember when the only thing we had to worry about in terms of daily security was locking our doors before leaving the house? Well, the times have changed, and while technology has given us many wonderful things–so many that it’s hard to even imagine a world without smartphones and 24/7 connectivity–it has also provided a platform for hackers to unleash cyberattacks on personal information. Stolen passwords and credit card data, private message and email leaks and identity theft are unfortunately becoming more commonplace in today’s digital world.
Since completely unplugging and living off the grid is pretty much impossible in today’s day and age, we’ve outlined some helpful tips to keep your personal information safe, and what you can do in the event that you fall victim to a hack. Continue reading “Protecting Your Personal Information in the Digital Age”

Dealing with Crisis: A Close Look at the NFL

Domestic violence is an important issue in our society, and one that sadly occurs in many homes across the nation. For the first time, this problem has been brought into the limelight by the NFL, and the organization failed to understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly.
After ignoring facts and mishandling the Ray Rice case, several other NFL-related domestic violence incidences have emerged, including the Adrian Peterson child abuse case. Keeping in mind that football is the most followed sport in the United States, this NFL crisis has a huge impact on our society. Continue reading “Dealing with Crisis: A Close Look at the NFL”

Pitching 101: Tips from Muck Rack and MDC Partners

Media relations is a fundamental and highly valued element of virtually all public relations campaigns. With such an important emphasis placed on this tactic, understanding how to successfully pitch and interact with journalists are invaluable skills for all PR professionals. Recently, Muck Rack paired up with MDC Partners and surveyed nearly 25,000 journalists and PR pros about their pitching and social media preferences, and uncovered some interesting statistics to help public relations practitioners navigate the complex world of media relations. Continue reading “Pitching 101: Tips from Muck Rack and MDC Partners”