How Some Colleges Are Being Strategic When it Comes to Social Media

Social Media and Colleges

For those of us who grew up with social media, how many times have we heard the warnings to “monitor your privacy settings” and to “be aware of what you post”? We are constantly reminded that universities look to social media when reviewing prospective students’ applications. But now the proverbial shoe is on the other […]

What is Public Relations?

LinkedIn named public relations one of the “10 Most Misunderstood Jobs,” with PR coming in at No. 8. According to the study, 42% of parents with kids in PR management jobs said they couldn’t confidently describe what their son or daughter does for a living. Social Media Manager, a role many PR pros also take […]

5 Pitching Rules Every PR Pro Should Live By

We’ve all seen journalist’s blog posts and tweets griping about bad PR pitches. Some of the most common complaints from reporters include addressing them with the wrong name, pitching a story that’s not their beat and sending pitches that are too long. Below we’ve listed five pitching rules to help you avoid the trash bin […]