Brookline Village Welcomes Healthy Food Chain, Clover Food Lab

Boston Bites Back

Vegetarians and health foodies alike can rejoice in the upcoming opening of the popular food chain Clover Food Lab to the Brookline Village area. Within the next month, Clover is set to open a restaurant at 6 Harvard Street, which happens to be right down the street from the BIGfish offices Viewed as a fast […]

BIGfish Celebrates Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and we are celebrating the occasion! Here at BIGfish, we pride ourselves on working with clients who are doing things cleaner, better and cheaper. It’s important to us to feel good about the work we do each day, and we strive to consistently work towards making the world a better place. […]

The Role of Social Media in Tragedy

In the wake of the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon, many immediately turned to social media as their primary source of information. While traditional news outlets like CNN and NBC were quick to live-report the unfolding events, their coverage lacked a key component: the status of people’s friends and loved ones in Boston. That’s […]

What Kevin Ware Can Teach Us About Twitter

kevin ware

This past weekend, University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffered a devastating injury to his leg during a March Madness game against Duke University. Although the horrific injury has put Ware’s basketball career on hold indefinitely, Ware’s social media career has flourished in the days since his injury. Ware has both inspired and caught […]