Ambient Devices CEO, Pritesh Gandhi, Talks Innovation with MIT News

Entrepreneur Pritesh Gandhi remembers the early years of starting his own company, Ambient Devices, an MIT Media Lab spinoff that designs digital information displays. Gandhi, who founded the company along with two MIT graduate students, says having offices near MIT helped the startup gain credibility in its early days. Gandhi often brought potential investors to […]

GigaOM Features's Acquisition by TrustedID, the Los Angeles–based startup that makes security and privacy tools for email and social networking applications, has been acquired by TrustedID, a Palo Alto, Calif.–based credit and identity protection technology firm. Financial details of the deal have not been announced.

TIME's Doug Aamoth has a Blether with the CEO of !Blether

New startup “Blether” (it’s technically written “!blether”) provides a dead-simple way to quickly initiate a private chat room with other Twitter users. You begin a tweet with “!b”, add whomever you want to chat with (you can add multiple people), and your message. Basically, your tweet would look something like: !b @person-one @person-two Hey, do […]

gdgt: Testimonial

Check out this testimonial BIGfish received from a client: “BIGfish understands the rapidly-changing media landscape in a way that few other agencies do. We were consistently blown away by their ability to deliver, thy went way above and beyond what we’d expected.” -Peter Rojas, co-founder gdgt

The Next Web Features !Blether's Private Group Chat Beta for Twitter

!blether works by continuously scanning Twitter in search of the “!b” command. When it receives the command in a user’s Tweet, all Twitter handles mentioned in the Tweet will receive an @mention with a link to a private group chat on !blether’s platform. Only users mentioned in the Tweet will have access to the group […]