Facebook Places: What It Means for Foursquare and For Advertising

Facebook announced their much anticipated Places offering on Thursday to much controversy. The privacy (or lack thereof) that Facebook had previously been criticized for violating came steaming to the forefront again. With people’s whereabouts on the line, privacy on Facebook is a major concern for most users, even those already active in Location Based Services’ […]

Arghh! Walk The Plank Cyber Pirates! The Feds Crack Down On Copyright Infringement

Recently, the U.S. Federal Authorities made an attempt to try and rid the Internet of pirates. To aid this goal, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized TVShack.net, along with eight other video-streaming websites, which boasted a total of 6.7 million visitors a month to its website. TVShack.net linked to movies and TV shows around the […]

Luca Technologies Featured on CNET

“The Golden, Colo.-based company has developed a process to generate and then extract more natural gas from depleted coalbed methane wells by injecting water, microbes, and nutrients into the coal seams.” Read the full article on CNET.com