Vitality GlowCaps Wins 2009 MITX Award for Best Device

Open Blue Sea Farms Profiled in Forbes Magazine

“The oceans can’t keep up with demand for fish, which has been climbing 3.6% a year (twice the growth in population) since the 1960s. The stocks of some species, like Atlantic cod, collapsed long ago; Atlantic blue fin tuna are nearly gone; Chilean sea bass and flounder are under pressure.”
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MoGo Talk for iPhone debuts on CrunchGear

“It’s a flat-folding Bluetooth headset that’s just five millimeters thick and rests in a tiny charging slot on the back of a super slim iPhone case.”
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PhoneTag Service Profiled on Front Page of Wall Street Journal – Personal Journal

“PhoneTag ( transcribes voice mails from every number you have and sends them to you as emails or texts. When someone from your contact list sends you a voice mail, you have the option of converting it into an email and emailing them back.”
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