Rocketvox debuts on SlashGear

“Rocketvox is an online service that allows users to compile their cellphones, fax, texts, email accounts, calendars, chat accounts, voice mail, Twitter accounts, etc. into a single aggregate service which can be accessed anywhere on the internet.” Click here to read the full article

Scientific American Profiles GreatPointEnergy

“…through a three-step catalytic chemical process, it converts coal into natural gas (methane), which burns more cleanly and produces less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels.” Click here to read the full article

GreatPoint Energy on the Front Page of MIT Tech Review Website

“The continuing economic recession has abruptly halted a number of large solar and biofuels projects. But while green-technology companies dependent on such capital-intensive projects have foundered, things look brighter for other ventures, such as those that require little in the way of expensive equipment and facilities, or those that have managed to attract foreign investment.” […]

MacApper Exclusive: Newber Developer Gives up on App Store

“The idea is rather simple: a second business line for your iPhone that can route calls to your phone or to a nearby land line.  In reality, Apple seems to not want to touch this application with a proverbial ten foot pole.  The ticker on Newber’s website says they’ve waited 144 days for Apple to […]