PhoneTag Selected Best Voicemail Transcription service by Laptop Magazine

“The battle for dominance in the voicemail-to-text field is heating up and PhoneTag (formerly known as SimulScribe) is coming out swinging. The idea behind the service is simple: voicemail that would typically go through your carrier gets rerouted through PhoneTag, which transcribes the message and pushes it out as either a text message or an […]

Vitality GlowCaps featured on SpringWise

“No medicine can do its job if it’s not taken on the right schedule, yet only about half of people with chronic diseases adhere faithfully to their dosing regimen, according to the World Health Organization. Aimed at improving that statistic, GlowCaps are a line of electronic pill caps that use multiple means to ensure patients […]

Reuters Covers Oasys Water

“In a bid to capitalize on escalating demand for potable water, Boston-based Oasys Water Inc. has raised $10 million to pilot a technology it says could halve the cost of desalination and wastewater treatment.” Click here to read the full article

Oasys Water on VentureBeat

“Oasys, short for Osmotic Application Systems, is developing a proprietary desalination system that Oasys calls Engineered Osmosis (EO). Rob McGinnis, Oasys’ founder conceived EO with Dr. Menachem Elimelech while studying environmental engineering at Yale. Oasys claims EO does not require the high water pressure of the decades-old Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology.” Click here to read […]

Oasys Water on cnet

“EO is an osmosis system requiring 90 percent less fuel than the typical high-pressure Reverse Osmosis (RO) system employed by many desalination systems today, according to company statistics” Click here to read the full article

Articles Covering the Oasys Launch

Aside from The Boston Globe Oasys so far has made headlines (so far): Xconomy Earth2Tech CleanTechMedia Mass High Tech The Boston Globe (a second time)

Oasys Water on the Front Page of The Boston Globe Business Section

“Oasys Water Inc. says it hopes to market a process that reduces by 90 percent the amount of energy needed to convert saltwater, compared with current methods that use reverse osmosis – the filtration of water through a membrane.” Click here to read the full article

BIGfish Designs Oasys' New Logo

BIGfish designed this logo for Oasys, a Cambridge, MA based company developing a suite of proprietary energy and resource recovery products to address the growing, global water crisis.

Dijit is on the Front Page of Mashable

“Dijit, which launches in public beta today, offers anyone the ability to create and customize their own widgets, called “Dijits,” with music, video, and photos that users can take with them online or off (via mobile).” Click here to read the full article