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Case Study: Iceland Naturally

Iceland Naturally partnered with BIGfish to expand North American awareness of Icelandic culture, products and services.

The strategy: cultivate a community of Iceland enthusiasts by sharing engaging content across four major channels:

Social Media


Email Marketing

Public Relations

We share content that’s interesting to our audience and
promotes Icelandic culture, products and services.

We listen to our audience and use their feedback in our campaigns
to keep them coming back for more.

We engage with our audience by running creative sweepstakes, offering promotions, showcasing user-generated content and hosting events.

We’ve developed a community that’s bigger than Iceland’s population.

It’s not just about the numbers though, Iceland Naturally’s
audience is incredibly engaged.

Iceland Naturally is now the influential voice of Icelandic culture, products and services. North American awareness of Iceland continues to grow every year.

To see our work in action, visit the below links.