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Boston Olympics 2024

#Boston2024: What can be done to change public opinion regarding the Olympics?

by Anna Dow

boston public relations social media twitter

During the past few months, the possibility of Boston hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics has made many locals uneasy. Just last week, over 300 people came out to Suffolk University Law School to discuss the 2024 Olympic bid. While the Olympics can be a source of pride for a country and city, most Bostonians believe the money that would be invested in building stadiums and hotels for the games would be better off put towards improving housing, hospitals, and schools in the area. WBUR recently surveyed 507 people and found that 55% of Bostonians support the city bidding for the games. However, if public funds are used, that number drops to 39%. If that’s not enough evidence, a simple search on Google or Twitter shows how public support of #Boston2024 is scarce.  


5 Cringeworthy User-Generated Campaigns and 3 Tips to Avoid Those Mistakes

by Jacqui Johnstone

public relations social media twitter

User content is a great resource for brands. For our client Iceland Naturally, we hold monthly Facebook contests where users submit their photos of Iceland, and we’ll feature one as our cover photo. We also ask our Twitter followers to tweet using the #WhyILoveIceland hashtag and include one fan tweet in our monthly e-newsletter.  

US Airways

US Airways Learns a Lesson in Social Media Monitoring

by BIGfish

business marketing public relations public relations, social media seo social media successes technology twitter

With the advent of social media came the idea that companies could interact with more customers on a personal level. Though social media can be used as a promotional or advertising tool, its critical functions are to connect with audiences and gauge sentiments. When companies neglect to monitor their social media, they run the risk of missing a critique of their service or product that may develop into a bigger conversation, and eventually a crisis. US Airways recently learned first-hand how customer reactions on social media can turn into crises.   

Embracing #Bendgate: 6 Brands That Did it Best

by Adriana Howell

marketing social media twitter

Soon after Apple’s new iPhones went on sale last Friday, rumors began to surface that the iPhone 6 plus literally bends under pressure. When brand-damaging videos emerged, the company’s stock quickly plummeted and Twitter exploded with #Bendgate tweets. Eager to get in on the social media conversation, brands like Heineken, Coca Cola, Pringles and Papa Johns offered their spin on #Bendgate.  

World Cup

#WorldCup: #LuisSuarez, #Biting and #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave

by Adriana Howell

social media twitter

The World Cup has already seen a record number of viewers this year - up 44% from 2010 - and where there’s a big TV audience, witty tweets can’t be far behind. As of July 1, there were more than 300 million tweets related to the World Cup. Twitter even set up a unique #WorldCup page that features a scoreboard, a list of verified team and related accounts, and of course, a compilation of #WorldCup tweets, photos and videos. With these kinds of numbers, it’s a no-brainer for brands to get in on the conversation - and a few unexpected events set the stage for some interesting real-time tweets.  

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