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Streamline Your Entire Life With These Six Apps and Connected Products

by Karoline Etter

mobile technology

With our daily lives getting busier and busier, smartphone and web apps have become increasingly important in our connected world. We rely heavily on technology to wake us up in the morning, get to work on time, navigate our way through foreign roads and point us in the direction of the best coffee in town. There’s no doubt it’d be difficult to survive without that technology now. While our phones and homes are chock-full of apps and products that help us get through each day, here are some of our favorite automated products and services that make life easier and enhance your productivity:  

Skimm Ahead: theSkimm’s New iPhone App Wants to Predict Your Future

by Isabella DiSanto

mobile technology

TheSkimm has been bringing easy-to-digest news stories (and some much needed humor) to our inboxes with the Daily Skimm for a little over three years. Now, the company that made it their mission to tell us what big stories happened yesterday wants to tell us what’s happening in the future.  

#AppleEvent: Smaller is Better

by Meghan Azralon

consumer electronics mobile

On Monday, Apple held their final product announcement at the Cupertino Town Hall before moving to their new campus in 2017. The hour-long event covered what Apple has in store for the future of the company, from products to policy.  

The 5 Best Instagram Analytic Tools for Businesses (Free and Paid!)

by Isabella DiSanto

branding business marketing mobile public relations social media technology

In case you haven’t heard, Instagram is a pretty big deal. The photo sharing platform is the fastest-growing social site globally and sees over 400 million visitors every month - and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instagram isn’t just good for posting pictures of your brunch, though; visual storytelling can be a great way for businesses to connect with their fans. Like with any form of social media, using analytic tools with Instagram can provide your business with some incredibly valuable and interesting insight. Let’s explore some tools that can take your Instagram game to the next level:  

Apps We Wish Existed (But Don't)

Apps We Wish Existed (But Don’t)

by Adriana Howell

mobile social media technology

All of us here at BIGfish Communications like to think we’re pretty tech savvy (as a tech PR company, that comes as no surprise). We all do some amount of work from our phones, using apps like Docs, Sheets and Sunrise. Some of us try to make our public transit commute easier with apps like OkCommuter, Greenline or NextBus. We find Target deals with Cartwheel and monitor our front doors thanks to client Ring’s Video Doorbell app. But even with all the great (and weird) apps on the market these days, there are still a few we’re missing.  

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