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Case Study: Rocketbook Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday gift guides are an important way for brands to capitalize on increased consumer spending during the holiday season. BIGfish client Rocketbook need a PR partner to help secure highly sought after placements in these curated gift guide lists.

The strategy: Conduct aggressive media outreach to long-lead, national print and online outlets to increase editorial press coverage and consumer awareness in a wide variety of holiday gift guides.

Tech Round Up // Online

National Lifestyle


Since kicking off with Rocketbook in October 2017, BIGfish has secured 34 holiday-related press hits for a potential reach of 109 million, in addition to the 324 total press hits for over 900 million total impressions throughout our PR engagement. Here are a few of our favorites:


total press hits

million total impressions

This gift is fantastic for anyone who wants to go paperless for good. Using a FriXion gel pen, you can write on the pages of this notebook and easily upload what you write to the cloud storage service of their choice. You can then erase every page of the notebook by putting the whole thing in the microwave. Co-workers, employees, or students could really benefit from this gift.


Jason Albanese, Inc., 8 Seriously Cool Digital Gifts and Gadgets to Give this Holiday Season

It’s not always convenient to use your laptop for note taking, sometimes you have to bust out the old pen and paper. Luckily, this smart notebook can send all your writing to your phone or computer via the cloud. Then, when you run out of space, just microwave the notebook and it’s ready to be used again!


Amber Petty, Bustle, 30 Innovative AF Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

This environmentally friendly smart notebook is perfect for taking notes on the go or at the office. Just jot down your thoughts using the included pen, scan the page with your phone and blast it to the cloud storage of your choice using a set of seven symbols on the pad. When you’re done, wipe the page clean with a damp cloth.


Justina Huddleston, SheKnows, The Best Gifts for Chronic Multitaskers

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If you are interested in hearing more about our holiday gift guide offerings, contact us or click here to have a team member contact you with more information!