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Victoria Cabral de Menezes

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8 Free Tools To Help You Successfully Manage Social Media Accounts

by Victoria Cabral de Menezes

social media

Being a social media manager is not an easy task. With several accounts to manage, monitor and measure, things can get a little hectic. To help, we’ve put together a list of a few of the best free social media tools that will help you save time and effectively manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.  

Boston Startups

Five Boston-Area Startups to Keep an Eye On

by Victoria Cabral de Menezes

boston energy environmental/green mobile technology

While many people may think of San Francisco or New York as startup hotspots, Boston continues to prove itself as a serious tech hub. With universities like Harvard and MIT, high rates of venture capital investment, and an abundance of creative and qualified people, Boston is quickly becoming an international startup destination.  

PR Personality Traits

Personality Traits That Will Make You Successful in the PR Industry

by Victoria Cabral de Menezes

public relations

Are you a student considering a career in public relations? Do you think you have what it takes to succeed? Delving into the world of PR sounds great, but what will it take to stand out with so many qualified professionals out there? Here are a few important characteristics that will help you thrive in this highly competitive industry:  

Boston Olympics 2024

#Boston2024: What can be done to change public opinion regarding the Olympics?

by Victoria Cabral de Menezes

boston public relations social media twitter

During the past few months, the possibility of Boston hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics has made many locals uneasy. Just last week, over 300 people came out to Suffolk University Law School to discuss the 2024 Olympic bid. While the Olympics can be a source of pride for a country and city, most Bostonians believe the money that would be invested in building stadiums and hotels for the games would be better off put towards improving housing, hospitals, and schools in the area. WBUR recently surveyed 507 people and found that 55% of Bostonians support the city bidding for the games. However, if public funds are used, that number drops to 39%. If that’s not enough evidence, a simple search on Google or Twitter shows how public support of #Boston2024 is scarce.  

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