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Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson is a 20 year old writer living in Boston, MA. You can find her at her blog at ohwowblog.com!

Viewing posts from: November 2000
Apple Music review Bigfish

Should I Get Apple Music? Yes. A Review of Apple’s Latest Music Update

by Kelly Anderson


I’m not usually one to lean on music streaming services. I’m sort of an old fashioned type who still likes to buy CDs, records, and DVDs. I like owning things and being able to hold them in my hands. When I digitally download music, I do so in iTunes. To me it just didn’t seem real or official enough to use a streaming service - I wanted to own my favorite songs. But then I downloaded Apple Music onto my phone with the new iOS 8.4 update, and the way I discover and devour music forever changed.  

Cutest & Coolest Coffee Shops In Boston

by Kelly Anderson

boston our team

If you’re visiting Boston, if you’re a college student, or if you’re a working professional in the area like the BIGfish team, you know you need your coffee. We’re called Beantown for the baked beans, but coffee beans are just as important to us Bostonians. While there’s nothing wrong with that pink and orange DD, or everyone’s favorite green mermaid, there’s an entire world of coffee shops out there to explore, and no reason to keep going to the same chains. Here in Boston, there are countless cute, quirky and delicious coffee shops and cafes for great drinks and food. Once you visit these spots, you’ll want to make them yours and yours only forever.  

Summer Gadgets

Must-Have Gadgets for the Perfect Summer

by Kelly Anderson


Are you a roadtripper, a camper, a pool party-hoster? Are you hoping to make summer 2015 a summer you’ll never forget? It’s definitely possible. But if your summer comes equipped with these handy, fabulous gadgets, you won’t even notice the pauses between fun and fun.  

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