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Julia Taylor

Viewing posts from: November 2000

7 On-The-Go Apps for a PR Pro’s Every Need

by Julia Taylor

public relations technology

Those who work in public relations know that the job requires a fast-paced, on-the-go mentality and a constant need to multitask. Whether out of the office meeting with clients, working a press event or overseeing a media briefing, PR professionals need to stay up to date on current news and industry trends. Hence the need for some on-the-go apps. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite apps that any PR professional can use on a day-to-day basis:  

PR Tips from BIGfish

Catching the BIGfish: What PR Pros Can Learn From a Day of Fishing

by Julia Taylor

public relations

As a New Englander at heart, the love for fishing and being out on the water comes naturally to me. The sounds, smells, memories and serenity that it brings are unique experiences that one cannot get elsewhere. Whether it’s taking a dinghy out on a lake or cruising the ocean in a motorboat, fishing is, and always will be, one of my favorite pastimes. Many people think that the trick to fishing is having the juiciest bait on the end of the line to allure the (BIG)fish. They think you can just throw a line in and voila!, you’ve caught one. Well, I regret to inform you that fishing is not that simple. It takes strategy and skill. It takes focus, determination, and an adventurous mind, and requires more than simply putting a worm on a hook.  

BIGfish's Coworking Space Suggestions

Boston Coworking Spaces: Find the Best Place to Jumpstart Your Startup

by Julia Taylor

boston business technology

We work with a lot of startups at BIGfish, so we understand the benefits of coworking spaces. Startups often can’t afford their own office space, but still need somewhere to work, and can benefit from with the support of a community and morale that typically comes from working closely with others. Starting your own business is far from easy, and we believe that coworking spaces can pave the way towards a company’s big break. They allow members to easily meet, collaborate and network - essential tools for any business. These awesome, local startup communities just might be the solution to take your company to the next level and increase your chances of success.  

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