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Brigid Gorham

Viewing posts from: November 2000
Periscope vs. Meerkat

Meerkat vs. Periscope: Live-Stream Like A Pro

by Brigid Gorham

marketing mobile social media twitter

The news and marketing worlds were revolutionized with the introduction of Twitter’s constant stream of instantaneous 140-character updates. Then, with pic.twitter and Vine, users could share embedded images and 6-second video clips with their followers, enhancing engagement and increasing possibilities. Now, with free iOS apps Meerkat and Periscope, Twitter users can instantly broadcast live video with the world at the touch of a button.  


Considering a Brand Revamp? Read This First!

by Brigid Gorham

branding marketing social media

Rebranding is a tough and sometimes very crucial step for brands. Although some brands get by without changing their messaging, logo or approach for years, many industries demand change to keep up with evolving environments. Pizza Hut recently decided it was time to invest in a complete revamp to adapt to new millennial demands. There are several reasons why brands may consider rebranding, but how do they determine if it is worth it?  

Protecting Your Personal Information in the Digital Age

by Brigid Gorham

social media technology

Remember when the only thing we had to worry about in terms of daily security was locking our doors before leaving the house? Well, the times have changed, and while technology has given us many wonderful things--so many that it’s hard to even imagine a world without smartphones and 24/7 connectivity--it has also provided a platform for hackers to unleash cyberattacks on personal information. Stolen passwords and credit card data, private message and email leaks and identity theft are unfortunately becoming more commonplace in today’s digital world. Since completely unplugging and living off the grid is pretty much impossible in today’s day and age, we’ve outlined some helpful tips to keep your personal information safe, and what you can do in the event that you fall victim to a hack.  

Embracing #Bendgate: 6 Brands That Did it Best

by Brigid Gorham

marketing social media twitter

Soon after Apple’s new iPhones went on sale last Friday, rumors began to surface that the iPhone 6 plus literally bends under pressure. When brand-damaging videos emerged, the company’s stock quickly plummeted and Twitter exploded with #Bendgate tweets. Eager to get in on the social media conversation, brands like Heineken, Coca Cola, Pringles and Papa Johns offered their spin on #Bendgate.  

Summer Interns

Thank You, Summer Interns!

by Brigid Gorham

our team public relations

It's been a great summer in Brookline and our interns have been hard at work in the office creating social media content, writing blog posts, pitches and press releases, developing media lists and more. We asked our interns about their experiences working at BIGfish this summer and what they have planned for the future. Read on to see what they had to say!

Interested in interning at BIGfish? Check back here and apply to our spring internship positions in a few months!  

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