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Adriana Howell

Viewing posts from: November 2000

Transitioning from College to Your First Job: The First 6 Months

by Adriana Howell

our team

During my first six months as a member of the BIGfish team, I’ve been immersed in the technology industry and experienced all the perks that come with working at a small PR agency. I’ve also learned a lot, both as a PR professional and as someone who’s working her first job out of college. For those of you preparing to take the leap from college to “real” adulthood, the BIGfish team put together some of our most helpful advice on how to put your best foot forward at your first job.  

Apps We Wish Existed (But Don't)

Apps We Wish Existed (But Don’t)

by Adriana Howell

mobile social media technology

All of us here at BIGfish Communications like to think we’re pretty tech savvy (as a tech PR company, that comes as no surprise). We all do some amount of work from our phones, using apps like Docs, Sheets and Sunrise. Some of us try to make our public transit commute easier with apps like OkCommuter, Greenline or NextBus. We find Target deals with Cartwheel and monitor our front doors thanks to client Ring’s Video Doorbell app. But even with all the great (and weird) apps on the market these days, there are still a few we’re missing.  

BIGfish Office Space

#fbf: Where Our Tech Public Relations Agency Got Its Start

by Adriana Howell

boston our team public relations successes

While BIGfish’s current office space has been praised by Fast Company for its design, things didn’t start out that way. In fact, when the company was founded in 1999 by our fearless leader David Gerzof Richard, the space didn’t even have windows. But our upgraded, sunlit office isn’t the only mark of growth for this formerly one-man operation.  

Fall PR internship boston

Why You Need a Fall Internship

by Adriana Howell

marketing public relations

While I was in college, I completed both of my internships during the fall semester. Sure, I could have gone the traditional summer internship route, but I had a summer job I loved and didn’t want to give that up. So instead, I balanced school and internships by making use of my fall semester to gain some extra experience.  

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