Get Connected at These Boston Tech and Startup Events in August

Boston is brimming with technology startups, with established “unicorns” like DraftKings and innovative new players cropping up every week. With so many tech companies and startups in the area, there are plenty of tech-focused events that enable techies, investors and enthusiasts to mingle, network and learn from one another – and the August calendar is really heating up. Continue reading “Get Connected at These Boston Tech and Startup Events in August”

Should I Get Apple Music? Yes. A Review of Apple’s Latest Music Update

I’m not usually one to lean on music streaming services. I’m sort of an old fashioned type who still likes to buy CDs, records, and DVDs. I like owning things and being able to hold them in my hands. When I digitally download music, I do so in iTunes. To me it just didn’t seem real or official enough to use a streaming service – I wanted to own my favorite songs. But then I downloaded Apple Music onto my phone with the new iOS 8.4 update, and the way I discover and devour music forever changed.
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Why You Need a Fall Internship

While I was in college, I completed both of my internships during the fall semester. Sure, I could have gone the traditional summer internship route, but I had a summer job I loved and didn’t want to give that up. So instead, I balanced school and internships by making use of my fall semester to gain some extra experience.
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Catching the BIGfish: What PR Pros Can Learn From a Day of Fishing

As a New Englander at heart, the love for fishing and being out on the water comes naturally to me. The sounds, smells, memories and serenity that it brings are unique experiences that one cannot get elsewhere. Whether it’s taking a dinghy out on a lake or cruising the ocean in a motorboat, fishing is, and always will be, one of my favorite pastimes. Many people think that the trick to fishing is having the juiciest bait on the end of the line to allure the (BIG)fish. They think you can just throw a line in and voila!, you’ve caught one. Well, I regret to inform you that fishing is not that simple. It takes strategy and skill. It takes focus, determination, and an adventurous mind, and requires more than simply putting a worm on a hook. Continue reading “Catching the BIGfish: What PR Pros Can Learn From a Day of Fishing”

Cutest & Coolest Coffee Shops In Boston

If you’re visiting Boston, if you’re a college student, or if you’re a working professional in the area like the BIGfish team, you know you need your coffee. We’re called Beantown for the baked beans, but coffee beans are just as important to us Bostonians. While there’s nothing wrong with that pink and orange DD, or everyone’s favorite green mermaid, there’s an entire world of coffee shops out there to explore, and no reason to keep going to the same chains. Here in Boston, there are countless cute, quirky and delicious coffee shops and cafes for great drinks and food. Once you visit these spots, you’ll want to make them yours and yours only forever.
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